The Stephen Miller Point of View

We are delighted to offer a curated collection of exquisite hand-woven rugs. This is where inspiration meets dedication and craft. For over forty years Stephen Miller has shared his passion for this art form. He initially focused on tribal, antique and traditional rugs, yet his continuing search for the unique and beautiful has led to new and exciting developments. As a result, Stephen Miller Gallery has become a premier resource for the very best contemporary, transitional and decorative new rugs. While we have tried to show as many rugs as possible, this website should be considered as representative of the inventory we have on hand. We are regularly receiving new shipments, as well as continuing to source client requests. In addition, there have been on-going developments in our custom rug program.

A fixture on Santa Cruz Ave. in downtown Menlo Park since 1991, the gallery is a wonderful place to view rugs. High ceilings, wonderful light and a combination of wood and stone floors provide the backdrop. Over two hundred room-size pieces on wall-mounted racks streamline the preview process. The arms even raise and lower mechanically to allow you the best possible viewing in the shortest period of time.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to shop for rugs, so we are happy to help with the design process in whatever capacity is needed. We have many decades of experience in color, style and size selection. Of course, we’re happy to provide free, in-home delivery and installation to view your selections on approval. In fact, we encourage you to live with the rugs for a few days without any obligation.

If a visit to the Gallery isn’t possible for you now, please use this website as a guide, and kindly fill out our contact form. If you can provide us with dimensions of the room, a brief description of your needs and a sense of colors desired, we can provide you with suggestions.

We are a full-service gallery, which means that we provide expert hand-cleaning, repairs, restorations and rug pads.

We encourage you to visit soon and experience for yourself our perspective of this vibrant art form.

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