“It all starts with the rug…”

You’d expect to hear that from me after 30 years of acquiring and selling fine rugs. Truth be told, I’m quoting Gina Rosenfield, a respected Hillsborough, California interior designer and long-time colleague.

Gina shares my belief that there are great advantages to approaching interior design projects “from the ground up”.

Whether you plan to furnish and decorate a room or your entire home, you can build upon a beautiful rug or combination of rugs to achieve a fabulous result.

Finding the perfect rug is all about the exploration, so before we focus on color, weave, scale and rug groupings, I want to know the end-goal.

One customer is decorating her newly-remodeled Craftsman home, and Tribal rugs hold the greatest appeal. An interior designer needs a traditional rug design that can be made in a lighter color palette or a varied blend of wool and silk. Another customer wants an Antique rug with an unusual story behind it, or a sought-after piece from a prestigious collection.

No matter what your goal is, I welcome you to visit our gallery in Menlo Park, California to inform yourself and visually explore the possibilities. You may arrive with notions about design and color already in mind, and find your preferences change as you browse through our eclectic rug collection.

My goal is to help you explore freely by learning to trust your eye, be attentive to what evokes a positive response, and find a rug you’ll fall in love with.