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Choosing a Rug: Why a Holistic Approach is Best

Whether you have wanted Oriental or Persian rugs for some time and had no idea where to begin, or you arrive with room plans, paint chips and textile swatches in hand, we can guide you in making the best possible rug investment for your project. If you have engaged the services of an interior design studio, we encourage you to bring your designer along, too.

To assess your needs and guide the selection process, Stephen Miller Gallery of Menlo Park, California takes a holistic approach. We consider not only the architecture, scale, furnishings, lighting and color palette of your home, but also your lifestyle, taste and budget.

Many of our rugs are made to order by design, colorway and size; we manage the process to assure you of utmost quality and timely delivery. Digital renderings make it easy to review color, size and other custom design specifications, assuring you of finished work that fully satisfies your expectations.

We can lay out a variety of rugs in our gallery, visit your home to take measurements, and deliver rugs to your home on trial so you can take the time to evaluate their suitability and appeal in the intended setting.

Quality padding significantly extends carpet life and helps prevent it from slipping, warping and uneven wear. We offer a full line of rug pads for purchase and installation for every type of floor.

Care, Repair and Restoration

Stephen Miller Gallery handles all aspects of rug cleaning, repair and restoration. Fine rugs benefit from the natural resiliency and stain resistant quality of lanolin-rich wool, and proper care requires hand-washing by professional cleaners whose specialty is fine rugs.

Cleaning service is recommended every 4 to 5 years or more frequently as needed. Regular weekly upkeep with a carpet sweeper or broom helps keep antique rugs in excellent condition. Electric vacuums should only be used on vintage or newer rugs with heavy pile, but avoid using the beater brush, which can pull knots loose or damage carpet edging.

Learn more about home care and cleaning for your rugs.

Storage and Consignment Options

During a move or home remodeling project, it’s important to have good storage options for your fine rugs. We can clean, wrap and store your rugs securely and deliver them when you are ready to move in.

Specialty wrapping paper and techniques keep rugs free of moisture and pest problems during storage.

If you have an antique rug you’d like to sell, we can take it on consignment and help you find a new home for it.

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